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Antoine Chaume

Antoine Chaume, F. Pl.

Financial Planner, Insurance Broker
Licensed advisor with Investia Financial Services inc.

Our team provides specialized wealth management consulting services for professionals, business people and senior employees.

Our vision:

To accompany you in order to build, organize and transmit your business and personal wealth.

Our global approach will help you become a more effective and better-equipped leader. We have a team that will meet all your needs as a company and your needs as an individual. We will strive to make you live our difference and show you that the growth of your wealth is more than just a question of mathematics.

Our expertise:

Business services: group insurance, management of your group annuity plan, human resources management and human support in the purchase/sale of companies and its financing.

Personal services: financial planning, asset management, optimizing your liabilities and risk management.

Benefits for Frank Liu VIP:
10% discount on wealth management advice for Frank Liu VIP gold, platinum, diamond cards.

Antoine Chaume, Pl. Fin.

514-875-0515 # 406
740, rue St-Maurice, bureau 600, Montréal (Québec) H3C 1L5