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Daoust Ecoefficient Cleaners

Wet Dry Cleaners

Who we are

A water-based process, 100% environmentally-friendly (solvent-free) and automated for the benefit of your health, your family’s health as well as the environment.

An efficient and delicate process which cleans optimally and thoroughly any types of fibres including wools, furs, cashmere, silk, suede, most types of leathers and any other items which cannot usually be dry-cleaned.

An efficient and gentle process which water-cleans fabrics initially recommended for dry-cleaning.

A level of cleaning featuring the following properties of water treatment:

Treatment of thin and water stains
Revived colors
Restored and reinflated fibre

Water: a more efficient cleaning solution

Water movement has always been the source of efficient cleaning. Not only does it thoroughly clean dirt imbedded between the fibres, but water movement combined with the appropriate detergent eliminates any types of stains. In fact, stains like coffee, wine, blood, sweat, urine and others are only soluble in water.

However, an improper use of water as a cleaning agent may damage delicate fibres leading manufacturers to require that certain types of fibres only be dry-cleaned. The Professional Wet Cleaning solution developed by Daoust EcoEfficient Cleaners consists of a very advanced technology which coats fabric fibres with a 100% environmentally-friendly protection before being soaked in water.

Once the fibre is protected, water is let loose to use its power to loosen tough stains and dirt and wash them away without damaging the fabric. You will find that your clothing is cleaner and more silky because of the Professional Wet Cleaning method and the absence of phosphate in the soap used.

Professional Wet-Cleaning : the World’s Cleaning Future

An environmentally-friendly, water-based safe cleaning process using biodegradable soap. Contrary to what we may think, a professional wet-cleaning cycle uses less water and energy.

Benefits for Frank Liu VIP:
10% discount for $50 and up before tax; 5% discount for less $50 before tax.

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Daoust Ecoefficient Cleaners

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4965 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P 1W7

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